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Uncertainties [November 2 2014]

“I know that I know nothing.”

It’s a famous saying that resonates profoundly these days.

I don’t believe in sudden triggering factors outside of our reflex for self-biography narration but I will surrender and say that 2013 was a markedly transformative year in my life. That’s when I radically changed my lifestyle to try and fix my degrading type 1 diabetic health. I had already learned about the effectiveness of simple behavioural science principles to power my commitment to make change happen. I felt the benefits very quickly. In less than 6 months, I had started the reversal of early signs of retinopathy. But I had also learned that things weren’t so simple in nutrition.

March 2013 was when I learned that I had trusted the wrong sources about nutrition and health more generally. What else did I assumed as universal truth but wasn’t? 18 months later, I’m still wondering what’s the best diet for me. I learned that there isn’t one solution that fits everyone. I’ve also learned about several things that affect health but, more importantly, I learned that it’s only a tiny fraction of what there is to know.

Meanwhile, I also learned about rewilding. I then learned that rewilding means different things to different people. I learned some of its definitions. I learned about new ideas on waste, consumption and the economy religion. I learned about tiny housing and a minimalistic way of life. None of it is simple. There are some very compelling perspective on the modern life but there’s also no clear and unique solution and path forward.

So, I’m sitting here bombarded with very assertive statements and solutions to achieve health, accomplishment, happiness and financial freedom. But I also know things are complicated and personal. There’s rarely a single answer. There’s a lot of information to process and lots of questions to pounder.

This post isn’t about how to be creative, productive, healthy or happy. I wouldn’t know what to prescribe because it’s complicated. This post isn’t about how everything is fucked and there’s no solution. Even if that were true, we woulnd’t know until we try something.

The truth is that I’m uncertain what this post is about. But maybe that’s what the theme. My search for my very own personal answers is full of uncertainties.

And while uncertainties that can be paralyzing, there’s one thing I do know and that it’s nice things usually happen when you try something different. If nothing more than ruling out an idea while prompting a fresh set of questions and opening up new paths to answers. Here’s to finding the next path.