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Juxtapose [February 28 2013]

A few weeks ago, I came across some stunning compositing work from Michael Den Beste. The project juxtaposes drawings of Calvin and Hobbes with fitting nature photographs.

By themselves, the photos would be pretty good albeit lacking a distinguishing element. With Calvin and Hobbes, the scene comes alive. The drawings bring a touch of imagination in an otherwise very real scene. I felt as if the world was being filled with mystical creatures from storybooks. It’s breaking the monotony of a thousand pretty pictures while celebrating of the beauty of nature.

You can tell I felt inspired by that work. I also happen to take random unpublished pictures suited for such compositing work: wallpaper-nice caliber but nothing crazy unique. I also happen to draw things. Or, I try to. Here is my first attempt at this type of composite art. It’s an old pouring rain picture that I augmented with my drawing of a snail. I have much better photos in reserve for this type of work but this one seemed to be fitting with my character so I’m going with that. Uncharacteristically for me, this won’t be a scheduled project. But, I’ll make more.

This is it.

Technical details:

  • Original picture processed with Aperture, exported via Dropbox to iPad.

  • I drew the a low-resolution version of the snail with Paper on the iPad and my Pogo Connect

  • Then, I exported to Procreate and used it as the basis for a higher resolution and full color version.

  • Composited the photo and drawing in Procreate.

  • That output was then tweaked with snapseed for drama and then Photoshop Touch to add the horizontal black border.