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Hey, it's a Start [June 12 2012]

I may suffer from some condition. Ok well, that's an embarrassing way to start because I really do have a condition as I have type 1 diabetes. But I've had that since I was a teenager so it's not was I'm referring to here. I was actually thinking of this habit of mine of always having some personal project on a schedule and never letting that go. To the point where I get mad for being so near my self-imposed deadline and being stressed out about not being able to deliver. So much so that it seems like all potential of fun is gone, all fun is sucked out of it and it really is making life a misery for me and all people around me.

But that happens only once in a while so it's all good. No problem here.

It's a Road and I Cross it Everyday to Take the Bus. No Joke.

In fact, I'm really hitching for some new project. You know, something to brag about and put on my software engineer resume in which in no way helps my “career”. I really need this in my life. It guarantees that I have absolutely no time for entertainment while I entertain an adequate amount of sleep deprivation.

But back to this project discussion. This time, I'm actually thinking of mixing things up a bit. I really do think having a restricted scope helps spur creativity but I feel like I can try something more diversified this time around. I may simply be inspired by the relative chaos I'm currently living in.

Alright, I can't just bring that up and leave it at that: I've been living since the beginning of my work life in Montreal and it was great. I have a nice cute family with two kids and they all love it there. So what was I to do next? Well, I applied for a job at some remote location and I got it. Then, I had my family give up everything to come with me in San Francisco where we don't know anyone nor speak the language very well. That, my friend (am I moving too quickly saying that?) is the chaos I was taking about. It's not just that, obviously, but you'll have to ask me for more details if you want me to expand on that topic.

But back on the project topic again. I actually have a few ideas lined up. What usually happens when I have queue of ideas is…only one gets executed, if any. In the spirit of getting things done, I'm doing this. Notice that this isn't an hyperlink. That's because your already on it (okay, I could have many it an anchor link or something but that would have been annoying and not as much fun as me explaining).

So yes, I'm writing a blog. If you know me, you know I can't really express myself very clearly so that might be a challenge…or good entertainment for you, the reader. It could go either way. Here is me writing a blog like I've got something to say that hasn't been said already (or just saying nothing, that's been done too).

A blog about anything, really.

I'm a Montréaler in California. A dad with almost childish looks with kids that will grow up in another country. A French speaking guy who gets unmasked after speaking half a word of English (or did I say that in French?). A weird stranger in a fast-paced and hard-working tech world.

I'm Alex.

Just Alex.

Well, that's because Alexandre can't be pronounced correctly in English. That's okay, I can't pronounce anything correctly in English.

It's a very climatic opening isn't it? I feel pretty good about this. I think I actually have something good here for a first post. I just have to make sure I'm not screwing up the ending (TODO: review that last paragraph before posting).